The Goodreads Seasonal Reading Challenge is about to start!

All my life, I’ve been an avid reader but when my children were little, my days and nights seemed to be preoccupied with taking care of them and their needs, that reading for pleasure quickly took a back seat. As they got older and more self-sufficient, so grew my reading time but I was so out of the loop. I had no idea what the newest releases were or who were the most popular authors. This is when I discovered Goodreads back in 2009.

Looking over the site and its awesome recommendations, I came across the Seasonal Reading Challenge and decided to give it a try. That’s when I discovered that the only thing better than reading a book is reading a book for a reading challenge. It only took one season on the Goodreads Seasonal Reading challenge and I was hooked!

Over the years I’ve participated in almost every season (I even completed it once) and what I’ve discovered about myself is that although I loved reading the books required to complete the tasks, searching for books to fit into the tasks gave me great pleasure; the more challenging and obscure the task the more fun the search was!

I have a huge TBR list (thanks Goodreads!) so as always my priority is to try and fit as many books from my list with the tasks and usually this is easy. For other tasks however, I’m forced out of my comfort genres or go-to author which is great and another one of the reasons why I enjoy participating in the challenge: discovering new to me authors, books, series and genres.

The Fall Challenge starts September 1st and lasts until November 30th and I can’t wait! This season I’m feeling motivated and I’ve already got a pile of books ready to go and many more on hold at my local library and as always I’m working on my lists and tasks daily, organizing my reading time around my daily tasks and responsibilities.

If you’d like to learn more about the challenge or follow my progress during this season, this link will take you directly to the group. If you’re participating I would love to hear from you! And make sure to come back here to check out the reviews of the books I’ve read.


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